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Working With Me


Hello! Anamaria here. I'm an Integrative Nutritionist who uses Ayurvedic principles to guide your transformation. I empower individuals who are having health crisis tap into their innate ability to heal themselves. 

There are few different ways to work with me. This is an opportunity for you to see where you are and remember, there are no “right” answers. The goal is for you to discover which option will support you in creating the life you deserve and want.

All the options are intentionally designed to provide you with laser focused collaboration, high level of accountability and the tools you will need to be successful. There is something here for everyone, no matter where you are in your healing process.

By making this investment in yourself you will experience the power of focused collaboration, accountability, planning and goal setting. You are not alone; it would be my honor to go on this transformation with you.

Most clients experience more than just healing a symptom; they experience a deeper understanding of who they are, and what they want in life, resulting in more freedom, financial security, joy, adventure, focus, and peace as a result of our working together.


Nutritioness Services 


90-DAy TRansformation Experience

It may have taken months or years to develop a certain heath condition, pack on unwanted weight, to feel fatigued and burnt out or no longer feel yourself. Similarly it may take some time to restore your energy levels, to manage or heal a health condition and recognize yourself once again. This package is aim to provide sound knowledge, a system and support aimed at lasting transformation and sustainable practices that will endure. Nutritioness will empower and guide you in this exciting transformational journey!


Ayurvedic Gut Healing Experience

Nutritioness will empower and guide you through the following steps in order to heal your gut: Restore, Remove, Replace, Rebuild, Rejuvenate and Ritualize. In addition to an initial consultation and the investigation of any health imbalance, this program was created to aid on gently cleansing and healing your gut and improving digestion. Better digestion, equals to better assimilation of nutrients, thus better health! This package offers in-depth nutrition education and counseling that helps you to make and keep long-term changes and stay on track.


21-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse Experience

Gently cleanse your body from everyday toxins. This program is for those who want to press the re-start button and feel better fast! This cleanse is also an elimination plan, where common allergens will be removed from your eating habits and then reintroduced on a structured way to see what is affecting your health and energy level.


Ayurveda & Nutrition Analysis

Bring your health into balance by discovering your Dosha (body-mind constitution) through an Ayurvedic analysis. A complete nutritional assessment for health and nutrition history is performed through a set of questions and observations, including blood work analysis (if available from your physician). Nutrition education, a list of recommended foods, those to be avoided, supplements and lifestyle recommendations will be provided according to body constitution, nutritional goals and current health status.Diagnosis of any Dosha imbalance and Ayurvedic treatment, including herbal preparations, as well as lifestyle recommendations will be provided. 


Alkaline Lifestyle

The Alkaline Lifestyle promotes the consumption of Alkaline forming foods but not the elimination of all acid forming foods, as doing so could cause a nutrient imbalance or insufficiency and lead to poor health conditions such as cavities. Tooth decay is the result of nutrients’ insufficiency or deficiency brought by inadequate intake of nutrients and/or digestive issues that lead to malabsoption of nutrients. You are what you eat but most importantly you are what you digest and absorb!


Ayurvedic Heavy Metal DEtox

It is accurate to say that nearly all of us have some degree of heavy metal toxicity nowadays. We get exposed through air pollution, water contamination, fish and perhaps other foods, amalgam fillings, in-utero exposure from mother’s dental fillings and toxins. Heavy Metals are stable elements that cannot be metabolized by the body therefore they are considered bio-accumulative as they accumulates in the body’ tissue. Mercury is toxic to the fetus and children. Thus, limiting exposure to this heavy metal for females planning to conceive is important and recommended.  


Ayurveda Experience


60 MINUTES $135• 90 MINUTES $150

Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic external therapy meant to nourish the body with healing touch and warmed aromatic herbal oils. Abhyanga’s approach is not only muscular but also cellular. Warm oils deeply penetrate the cells and release physical, mental and emotional toxins. Abhyanga promotes healthy circulation and healthy joints. It is also considered a stress reduction therapy.



45 MINUTES $145 

Shirodhara means a warm, steady, flowing stream of oil like a thread (dhara) carefully poured on your head (shiro) for 30 minutes. It is a most effective treatment for total mental relaxation, giving you a sensation of deep peace while triggering a self-healing body response. Shirodhara is excellent for nervous system disorders, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and depression, among others. On completion of the flow of oil, the client rests for few minutes before the residual oil is wiped from the hair. Some head manipulation will be performed to increase circulation to the scalp.  Once home, it is recommended to rest quietly for at least a few hours.


Janu (knee), Kati (back), Greeva (neck) Vasti

45 MINUTES $105

In this procedure warmed aromatic herbal oils is poured over the affected joint and it stagnates inside a vessel made by a special dough for 30 minutes followed by a a skillful massage and fomentation (steam). The herbal oil seeps into the joint, inducing a deep sense of relief and delivering the herbal benefits of the oil while triggering a self-healing body response.



45 MINUTES $95

Cotton pads (pichu) are soaked in hot medicated oils and gently placed on sore joints or your back to offer immediate relief from pain and discomfort. The warmth of the soaked pads seeps into the body, inducing a deep sense of relief and delivering the herbal benefits of the medicated oil while triggering a self-healing body response. Indicated to bring relief to back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, herniated disks and damaged tissues such as tears.


Shiroabhyanga add-on

30 MINUTES $60 

Specialized gentle deep strokes and pressure on various energy channels (marma points) are applied over your entire head (shiro), neck, and shoulders. Warmed aromatic herbal oil is used in this therapy to relieve headaches and tension, improve scalp circulation to strengthen hair roots and improve hair condition, and restore your hair to the optimal health and luster.


Mindfulness Experience

Wether through meditation, movement, breath work, mindful eating or another creative work, practice the gift of being present. 

Explore and engage your senses to perceive the world around you more mindfully. 



Private or corporate Sessions • 30 MINUTES

Wether through meditation, breath work, mindful eating or another creative work, practice the gift of being present. 

Explore and engage your senses to perceive the world around you more mindfully.