My Story


Hello! Anamaria here. I'm an Integrative Nutritionist who uses Ayurvedic principles to guide your transformation. I empower individuals who are having health crisis tap into their innate ability to heal themselves. 



If all you want is to feel…feel like yourself again, so you can go for what you really want and not to be held back in life because of your health or perhaps you see the potential to feel healthier, have more energy while being happy and whole, show up for yourself! I will guide and empower you on how to do so. 

More on how I got here...

I envision a world where people feel vibrant and connected to their body and not just tolerating daily pain and discomfort as a way of living. As someone who has gone through this journey to love myself, my body and live in optimal health I know how we allow all the excuses to get in the way. 

Arriving in NYC from Brazil I was amazed with what the city had to offer and to living on my own was so exciting! I soon realized that the way I was eating and living life was not making me feel well. The foods I was eating were mostly highly processed and depleted of nutrients, I was also eating fast or not eating all together to keep up with my schedule. I gained weight, was feeling tired and stressed out with school.

My health was falling apart and so was my hair. I was so disconnected with my eating habits that I’ve developed Psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that has its roots on digestion and gut health. My scalp was entirely raw, bleeding and covered in white patches. I was tired, stressed out and embarrassed.

I also felt drained and confused with all the different ways to heal and who to trust. I looked inside the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda for answers. I utilized my Master’s degree in Nutrition and became a Certified Health Coach. 

I learned - to live in optimal health - I had to love myself and my body. I finally made the connection that what I put in my body determines how I feel.

Today, my passion is to bring this work to people who are ready to live a healthy vibrant life.

Your body is wise and powerful and it has the ability to restore balance and health so you can live the way you dream.  

I can guide you how to make lasting change through small, simple steps. My style of support and guidance is much more than just addressing your symptom. I also support YOU, and all the emotions and decisions that come up when making lifestyle changes.

It’s time to get excited about feeling great. About waking up with energy, knowing the foods you eat align with your health and life goals. No more guilt or confusion around your food choices.

It's time to believe in your body - its wise and powerful ability to restore balance and create health.

It’s time to be free!

So I ask you...

Are you ready to show up for yourself?

Are you ready to listen to you body?

Are you ready to not be held back in life because of your health?

Together we can make it happen...

Love, Anamaria