I was able to improve my condition after Anamaria’s recommendations. She recommended a plan that kept me satisfied and not deprived. I’ve seen results in a short period of time having decreased joint pain, getting rid of unwanted weight and increasing my energy level. Anamaria is nonjudgmental and very approachable. I recommend her services if you need guidance on developing habits that will improve your health.
— Ozlem, U. New York

I’ve turned a corner during my time with Anamaria and am happy to report I feel I’m still on the right path. Anamaria’s role in empowering me to see the way has been crucial. Her patience, knowledge, kindness, exquisite listening skills ... They’re all part of a different nutritional construct for me. Anamaria’s approach speaks directly to my needs and sensibilities. Plus, she has another bit of magic: She cares and believes in my ability to change behavior.” It has meant so much.
— Aaron, G. New York

I’ve been very lucky to work with Anamaria. I admit I was somewhat skeptical when I first met with her because I’d never worked with a nutritionist who is also an Ayurvedic counselor before, but she made me feel very comfortable right away. Her analysis was thorough and her advice about my diet and lifestyle have proved to be very beneficial — I’m seeing results already! I like that she has experience in both Western nutritional and traditional Ayurveda. My digestion and overall health has definitely improved as a result of Anamaria’s consultation.
— Joe, M. New York

Based on Anamaria’s knowledge and truly believing in healing the whole being, I requested a consultation to improve my overall health specifically focusing on the eye and digestive symptoms. Post our consult, I expected ‘very good’ results, however, to receive over the top results within 24 hours was a nice surprise. I loved her holistic approach by asking what brings me joy and what is upsetting. To think of nurturing our bodies with other than food awakened me! Anamaria’s approach of modification of lifestyles regards to eating or drinking habits that aren’t so healthy, altering and incorporating different mindsets, and not to punish ourselves because of the negative connotations is transformative. Incorporating cleanses and alternative processes with existing routines was appreciated. Thanking the client routinely was also a nice touch. We can never get enough thank yous or positive feedback in life. I am fortunate to have Anamaria in my life as my health advisor. Her desire to help people realize they have more control over their health than they realize is inspiring.
— Ruth, H. New York

Doing the one-day Ayurveda cleanse Anamaria recommended was like pressing the reset button. It helped me to clear my ‘negative’ emotions, decrease anxiety and increase clarity. I firmly believe that this cleanse is the key to renew and jump start your health again.
— Mr. Perez, New York