Heavy Metal Detox 

The Heavy Metal Cleanse will optimize your own body's ability to detox itself.

There are 2 phases to it: 

Phase I - anywhere from 2-3 months:

  • Optimize the body's routes of elimination to mercury

  • Correct any nutrient deficiency or insufficiency

  • Improve eating habits to provide adequate nutrition 

  • Lifestyle practices to promote detoxification 

  • Herbal supplementation to support major organs of detoxification, such as kidneys, liver and gut

Phase II - anywhere from 3-6 months: 

  • Continue with the above practices 

  • New set of herbs that have a high affinity to mercury 

This counseling is delivered in a package of 3 sessions:

·   1 Initial session in person (90 minutes)

·   2 follow-up sessions over the phone or video conference (60 minutes each)

·   Sessions are held a month apart 

·   Meal plan provided via an electronic platform

·   Pulse reading not available in this package

Investment: $420 or 2 payments of $230

  • Phase I Ayurvedic herbal remedies to cleanse your body, restore balance and optimal health, not included.

  • Phase ii supplementation that have high affinity to detoxify mercury, not included.